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Land Art - Kunstobjekte von Benno Gottwald

I am delighted to see that one of my favourite “land-artists”, Benno Gottwald, finally has formal representation As an art lover and active performing artist, I have long admired Gottwald’s work, which I have had the pleasure of seeing in multiple outdoor settings (different gardens and wilderness installations) as well as for indoor decoration. His love of natural materials, passion for reuse and repurposing, and his feeling for the harmony of art and nature remind one of Andy Goldsworthy (the benchmark, in my estimation), but are truly unique and his own. I hope that many of Ontaria’s customers will be as inspired by these creations as I am—they certainly deserve recognition from a wider audience and fit ideally with the Arts and Crafts concept behind Ontaria’s furniture offerings. - Kimberly Barber, Canada