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Stickley 510 Gus Commemorative Bookcase

"Einen besseren Preis finden Sie nirgendwo"

To commemorate the 150th anniversary of Gustav Stickley’s birth, in 2008 Stickley reissued this rare double bookcase. An original, once part of a private camp’s furnishings in New York’s Thousand Islands region, sold in December 2007 at Sotheby’s for $361,000. The structural elements of the piece demonstrate Gustav’s complete understanding of proportion and craftsmanship. The doors are made up of twelve panes of glass that are held in place by forty eight quarter rounds. Frame and panel sides are supported by the inverted corbels and double legs at each corner. The slight Gothic arch to the top glass panes adds dimension and doors open to reveal two adjustable shelves on either side of one fixed shelf. The first 150 of this historic reissue produced bear a plaque with an individual number. Available in solid oak.

Dimensions in inches: H53 W58 D15½

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